Friday, May 19, 2023

Fulbright Field Day 2023

The Lizards had such a great time at Field Day this morning! They participated in the sack race, hulu-hoop pass, dress-up relay, bounce houses/slides, and dance. The Lizards topped the morning off with a choice of their treat - snowcone or cotton candy. A big shout of "Thanks" to our own Meghan Foster (Caleb's mom) who organized the entire event and all the volunteers who helped to make everything run so smoothly.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Liquids into Solids

The Lizards had a special treat today when Mrs. Wendy Welch (Vips Volunteer) brought materials for the children to learn about states of matter. Ms. Welch is a retired sceince teacher, so this experiment was right up her ally. Students took large Ziploc baggies full of ice and rock salt. Inside the large bag, students placed a smaller bag full of colored/flavored water. After allowing the flavor bag to cool, it slowly turned into a solid. The kids had a nice time eating their slushies. If you'd like to complete the experiment at home, you will need: Large Ziploc baggie, small ziploc baggie, rock salt, ice, flavored water. Inside the large bag, place a handful of ice and rock salt. Inside the smaller bag, place your flavored water. Put the smaller bag inside the larger bag. Wait about 5 minutes for the slush to form.