Thursday, April 8, 2021

Planting a Bean Seed

The Lizards had such a good time getting their hands in the soil today and planting their own bean plant. The will take home their planted pot today. Each Friday for the remainder of the month, you will find a Seesaw Activity where you can document the growth of the plant. Lots of green thumbs in this class!

Art - Learning about Kandinsky

Mrs. McClinton helped us learned about the Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky in art today and his contributions to the art world. He is often credited with being the pioneer of abstract art. Students created their own "Kandinskys" and shared them with the class. Below are a few examples. They will be bringing home their artwork on Monday.

T is for Teddy Bears

In honor of the letter "T" this week, students were encouraged to bring their teddy bears for a day of fun at school. The teddy bears even had a snack with the kids!